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Hello my love & welcome! 

I'm so happy you're here & i cannot wait to work together.

Now, you've probably got a million questions so let me start with how Codie Edwards Coaching came about.

I've started & ran my own very successful & forever growing beauty business for 12 years now, completed many courses over the time including my diploma, lots of extra short beauty courses, business & admin courses, self-development trainings, coaching programs the list goes on. Safe to say I'm ever evolving, growing & reaching for the next goal!

I've always noticed i have a passion for helping others & nothing lights me up more than seeing other women thrive & do well for themselves, so this is why I'm here now!

I've had so many people over the years asking me for advice, watching me in admiration wanting to know my secret & that's what I've decided to share with you in here.

I'm a single mama with my own home & my own amazing business that I've grown from the ground up over the last 12 years & i now have multiple girls that work for me! It's taken hard work, sacrifice, mistakes, late nights & early mornings, trying to figure everything out on my own as i had no help & no one to look to for advice. I've seen so many come & go from business or give up on their dreams in life because they just don't have the right tools or belief systems in place. I'm here to show you that if i can do it then so can you!

So i'm here to lead you the easy way, collapse time & give you all the secrets saving you years of 'the hard way' sharing what's worked for me & what hasn't, how to start, run & THRIVE in your business & life, all the while having me right by your side, so you're not left feeling lost, unsure or defeated.

My niche is growing beauty businesses but my passion is helping women in general so you will find something for everyone here!

Jump on in my loves and let's get growing & glowing

xx Codie

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