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Beauty & The Business

Perfect for anyone that already has an existing beauty business of any kind, has started & given up, is finding lots of hiccups, is losing their passion & ready to throw in the towel, you're watching others around you succeed but you're just not or you're just wanting MORE & it's time to level up!

*Please note this will not cover anything to do with the start up of your business eg. Registrations, abn, insurance, taxes, hours, socials, qualifications, policies & booking systems. That is all covered in The Beauty Setup course.

What i give you in here is honestly priceless, you cannot put a price on incredible, potent, time saving, energy saving information my beauty. Don't take 12 years to get to where you want to be in business, get there as soon as you finish this program!

These are tried & tested ways to proceed, my deepest kept secrets in biz, how i've opened, ran & THRIVED in my business over the last 12 years through a pandemic, being a single mum & also juggling life!

What i give you in here you'll be locked & loaded ready to handle anything & everything.


Immediate access to video trainings

Self paced, full access for life!

1 on 1 voice support with ME! (This can be used on whatever you feel called to work on or have support on)

Private Facebook support group 

1- Introduction & Business setup checklist

2- Your space & you(the ins and outs of making your space & your own appearance inviting & professional)

3- Client service standards(timing, communication, client experience)

4- Client relationships(building rapport, handling customer complaints)

5- Advertising (different ways to advertise & get more clients)

6- Reviews, Retail products & your stock.

7- Consistency & commitment (get ready for the juicy part! ooooft!)

8- Confidence, boundaries in biz, looking after yourself, your energy & your health)

Please feel free to contact me via email, the contact form on the site, Facebook or Instagram if you have any other Q's


Full price $500 investment - Afterpay & Zip pay available

Join Beauty & The Business!

You're in! Welcome my honey!

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